A Better way to
lend money to peers.


An Online Platform for Peer Lending

Our patent pending platform provides a better way to lend money to family & friends

Payback Website

Payback Key Features

Payback removes the hassle and prevents the inevitable problems that arise


Post your needs

Payback allows you to request money from family & friends, or to loan them money.


Establish the loan

Payback provides the platform to agree on terms, schedule repayments and transfer the loan amount.


Manage the loan

Our patent pending feature provides a platform to manage the loan. This includes tracking repayments & activity, a communication system, term modifications and repayment transfers.


Trust & reputation system

Prior to lending, lenders can view the borrowers history in more detail than a simple number (or credit rating). This includes a point score and feedback comments.

Frequently Asked Questions
Has Payback launched?

No. Our team has successfully built working prototypes and are currently testing these through private screenings. Our BETA is soon to be announced.

When does the BETA go live?

We haven't announced a date for our first public BETA yet. Simply request access below and we will notify you and give you first access (at a discounted rate) when we are ready. We wont contact you until it's ready - our no spam promise.

What country is Payback in?

Initially, Payback will be available for Australian, UK and USA residents only for domestic transactions. We will be available in more countries in the future, as well as international transactions.

What are the fees?

A Payback account is free. We just take a tier-based commission.

Are lenders guaranteed repayment?

We provide legally binding terms that the lender and the borrower must agree on before the loan is initialised. As a third-party, we cannot guarantee the loan. However, if the lender wishes to pursue, we have the facilities in place. Any incomplete loans reflect poorly on the borrowers profile, which will prevent others from lending to them and possible suspension of their account.

The Newest Form of Peer-to-Peer Lending
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